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“By following these steps, White Panda was able to overcome his initial disaster to live out many fascinating stories.  GQ has the exclusives…”

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GQ’s exclusive interview with White Panda

Hi Everyone!

I’m White Panda and I’m here to explain why you should get on Tinder right now!

Tinder has arguably brought online-dating to the masses. Girls who would never dare to advertise themselves on match.com find far less social stigma in uploading a few Facebook pictures and swiping through the limitless meat market. This breakthrough brings unique implications for men and women respectively.

White_Panda_HomeThe female behavior on Tinder varies greatly from traditional online dating. This brings me to the majority of girls on Tinder: the “normal girls”. These will download the app for fun, personal gratification and because it has become an extremely popular pastime.

These girls are single and therefore you can sleep with them, but there exist some very palpable challenges to this entirely new sphere of dating. Tinder Advisor will break down these obstacles and give you a broad set of tools to overcome them.

And finally, what does this technological revolution mean for us, the single men? The Economist cited Tinder as the modern-day cure for desperation; turning men away form prostitution and other such sins. Supply has suddenly surged thanks to Tinder implying less effort (ie. price of pursuit) for more of the women you would usually wish for.

So no matter your seductive skill level or how handsome you are: you a missing out on a huge amount of potential if you do not learn how to properly use Tinder!

So swipe right and join us!

Dr. Stinson & White Panda  – Tinder Advisor Team 😉

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