10 Ways To Flirt With Her

This is a guest post from Matt Ardisson, also known as Artisan.  He is an International Dating Coach who specializes in triggering sexual attraction from the moment you meet her.

Matt Ardisson - How to flirt with her

Matt Artisan is a world leading seduction specialist and friend of White Panda

He travels the world showing men how to meet and seduce women that they encounter during their every day lives.

In this post, he shares his secrets on flirting…

Flirting, the art of communication that suggests romantic interest from one person to another is the key to win the heart of that woman you’ve had your eye on.

This is called flirting, and unfortunately, most guys fail miserably at it. Average guys either show way too much interest too soon and creep her out, or they don’t show enough interest and end up firmly in the friend zone.

So, I’m going to reveal 10 ways to flirt with her like a true Casanova.


Do you remember teasing your 4th grade crush during recess? Maybe she even teased you back? Play around, joke and playfully poke fun of her or something she did.

A tease should never be done mean spirited. In fact, she should always feel good about your teases. As you tease, a sly devilish grin works wonders, opposed to an ear-to-ear overly eager smile. You don’t want it to seem like you are TRYING to illicit a response from her.

The reason this works so well is that women don’t respect men who put them on a pedestal just because of their looks. When you tease her, you are showing your interest while also treating her like a close friend, which simultaneously builds attraction and rapport.

Genuine compliments

Everyone loves a sincere compliment. Yes, even beautiful women.

That’s no surprise. However, it’s all about the delivery. Telling her, “I really like your eyes” in a rapid-fire nervous mumble isn’t quite going to do the trick.

However, saying something to the effect of, “you look absolutely adorable today” in a slow seductive tone while maintaining strong eye contact and a sly grin can literally make her weak in the knees.

Touch her where it counts

Touching is a great way to show your interest in a flirty manner, while gradually making her feel comfortable with you.

Now, I don’t suggest going for gold right away. Work your way up. Start with a casual touch on her arm or shoulder to emphasize something you said. Find any little excuse to touch her, like noticing her jewelry or fingernail polish while touching it as you make a comment.

These small touches may seem insignificant, however, even the smallest touch from another person will create a sensation of trust and bonding.

Give her space, let her chase

If you show too much interest, then you are going to scare her. The key is balance. So give her some space, don’t text her all the time, don’t try to see her every day, etc.

You should be a man on a mission who is busy with his career and life purpose. You shouldn’t just be available for her at a moments notice. Let her wonder what you are doing. This will add a mysterious aura about you and will make HER pursue you, verses the other way around.

Blame her

As I’m sure you know, it’s the man’s job to make the moves. But a great flirty little tactic is to blame her every time you escalate.

For example say, “stop trying to seduce me” as you begin sensually smelling her neck. Or, “stop giving me that look or I’m going to kiss you” and then go in for the kiss.

Blaming her makes her feel as if she is actively participating in the seduction, which justifies in her mind that she wants you to move things forward. After all, it’s her fault for being so sexy.

Role Play

Flirting through role-play is great because it allows you to set up an alternate reality where anything is possible. You can paint a picture in her mind of the two of you on a romantic cruise or as a couple cuddled up on the couch.

This imagery is extremely powerful because she will feel all the emotions associated with the role-play; thus, amplifying her attraction towards you.

Plus, an easy way to go for a kiss is by using a marriage or tongue-and-cheek romantic role-play. For example, if she says something you like you can say this:

You’re awesome. That’s it we’re getting married. But we can only have sex 3 times a day. I have other things to do besides solely being your trophy husband.”

Then change the subject but keep calling her “wifey” or some other couple nickname.

Sex Talk

Talking about sexual topics can make her see you as a sexual man and start thinking of having sex with you. But, be careful. You don’t want her viewing you as a sex-obsessed Quagmire-like horn-dog. The key is to be subtle and work your way up to more explicit topics like favorite sex positions.

If you want to move fast, ask her “how soon after you meet someone are you comfortable talking about sex?” If she says, “right away,” then you now have permission to jump right into sexual topics of your choosing.

Give her “the look”

Eye contact says everything. Your eyes really are the windows to your soul.

If you want to make her wet with desire, then strong eye contact is a must. But it’s not enough to simply lock eyes. You must look at her with pure desire… as if you know for a fact that you are going to give her the utmost sexual satisfaction. When you feel that on the inside, it will also radiate outward and penetrate her deep inside.

She will feel the desire in your eyes and she will crave you. Great examples of “the look” can be found in Hollywood movies. Check out the bar scene in Top Gun and the scene in The Aviator where Leonardo DiCaprio seduces the cigarette girl.

Look at her lips

Speaking of eye contact, there’s a cool little trick you can do to get her thinking about kissing you. As she is talking and you are giving her “the look”, quickly glance down at her lips for about two seconds. She will unconsciously pick up on the fact that you are thinking about kissing her, which gets her to start thinking about what it would be like kiss you. Pretty cool huh?

Slow down

When it’s time to really amp up the seductive flirting, you need to slow everything down. Slow down your body movements as well as the speed in which you speak.

Slowing everything down puts the woman in a sensual trance-like state and primes her pump for being swept off her feet and into the bedroom. When you are about to go for a kiss, slow everything down and then slowly go for it.

Nothing is worse than a man who rapidly goes for it at the wrong moment.

There you have it; use these techniques and you will sweep her off her feet.

If you want the power to meet women anywhere and make them yours, then check out Matt Artisan’s training.

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