Don’t look like a douchebag on Tinder

You need to stay away from anything that could make you look like a douchebag on Tinder! Almost every guy will get this wrong and it will sink your perceived value. Let us look over some of the common mistakes:


1) NO Selfies

There, I said it and I’m going to say it again later on to make sure you remember. We all get turned on when girls take selfies in their skimpy new dress, but this is not a two way street.

Only the lower quality girls will give you props for talking a shirtless selfie after the gym. The vast majority will see you for what you are: a douchebag. Selfies at the beach, selfies at the ski resort, before a gala… no, no and no!

If you are a cool guy, you have friends who can take a nice photo for you. The only selfie that can be tolerated is using a GoPro and an extendible arm because no real life photographer could hit some of those angles. Otherwise, delete every selfie you ever took! Click here to learn how to have the best profile picture on Tinder.


2) NO “Cool Serious Face”

I’m sorry, but unless you are starring in a professional modeling shoot, you have no reason to pretend to be serious. Even if you were caught at a serious moment, it has no place on your tinder profile. The “Duck Face” is especially painful. Someone is taking a photo of you, you smile, and it is as simple as that.


3) NO posing with something you do not own

You see a sports car or a nice boat and you quickly go take a photo with it. Congratulations, but you need to keep it for your own fantasizing.

Stinson came up with a clever twist to avoid douchebaggery: someone took a slick Instagram photo of him from the passenger seat of the Porsche he was driving. You can only tell it is a Porsche because of the logo on the steering wheel.

Tinder best picture

Do never show off on Tinder… Just suggest cool stufs, as if it was normal!

Girls love this because he is not posing; he is simply having fun driving a Porsche! (Stinson does not own the car in question, but no girl ever assumed he did, nevertheless he is associated with an item of luxury)


4) NO Showing-Off

Cool people do not need to show off, they simply radiate all the things that make them cool. This difference may take some time to grasp.

Let us assume you own the Porsche in the previous example. Driving it is cool because you only see the steering wheel and the road ahead. Also, Stinson is not even looking at the camera, implying that this is not a big deal. If the car was not moving and he was giving the thumbs up to the photographer, girls will know for sure that he borrowed it from his friend.

Another picture, taken at the same moment, would have made less impact. Just compare both:

Tinder Porsche

Even if this photo is cool, you are just set in a car and obviously posing…


So which one is cooler?

  1. You smiling in a bathrobe with an amazing suite behind you.

  2. You freaking out in front of a Hilton sign


If you guessed 1, then you are on the right track. As mentioned earlier, girls like to see that you indulge in luxury, but this must be shown in a subtle manner without looking like this is the first time you’ve ever splurged on a nice room.


The same goes for your body. If you are in good shape do NOT have a photo of you flexing for the camera (especially not a Selfie)! Instead, have a photo of you doing something that requires you to be shirtless like sailing or catching a Frisbee at the beach and make sure that the angle gives you a great definition!


The same goes for style. Wear nice, well-fitted clothes. Do not wear a black t-shirt with a huge “Armani” logo written on your chest.

Are you starting to get it? Don not look like a douchebag on Tinder! 


If ever you are not sure whether or not you are committing one of the cardinal sins mentioned above, ask a female friend with a good fashion sense to have a look at your Tinder profile. Ask her if you look douchy in any picture and tell her to be brutally honest.

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