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Now is the time to gradually warm her up. Here are several Tinder openers in progressive order of investment. If she is being cold or brief, start light and move your way up to the more advanced conversation starters. The goal is to spin off into a real conversation by getting her to start asking about you or showing you enough attention in other ways like compliments, long statements, affectionate terms

(see what to say in Conversation Fillers)

Second step: build up to a conversation with Conducive Tinder Openers


A general compliment: In most cultures, it is considered rude not to thank someone for a compliment. This also gives her a chance to give you one back. Therefore, build momentum by throwing in a line like:

tinder openersTinder openersTinder openersUse “cute” instead of “hot” or “attractive”. These are too intense and stray from the Sweetheart Principle. (core eBook concept)

Here’s a trick. If her looks are unclear in the photos, after she has answered “thanks” or whatever else, ask her for her Instagram. She will almost always accept. This helps for rapport building and will let you know early on if she is even worth the effort.

A funny half-compliment: Careful not to throw out a full NEG (statement or joke intended to lower her value). Over Tinder, she will be inclined to think you are being a douchebag or you are bitter that she is not showing you attention. Go soft and atone with a smiley.

tinder openersObviously only if a few of her photos are selfies. This is a bit of a backhanded compliment, more effective with the hotter girls.

tinder openersVery effective with girls who seem to have put quite a bit of thought into it. Also slightly teasing.

tinder openersShe won’t be sure if this is a compliment.


A specific comment: Analyze something from her pictures or her self-description. This is even more effective if you can relate it to yourself. Sometimes, if you have a strong commonality with the girl, you can skip the simple opener and jump right in with a comment.

Trigger her curiosity:   You are golden if you can write a statement that will make her unable to resist asking about you. The topic should raise your value and you the answers to the resulting questions must be interesting. For example:  “Just hopped off the longest flight!”

Build a fantasy: This is the very powerful technique of saying something absurd, but romantically enticing. Ideally, you want to build a fantasy as fast as possible, because this will permanently differentiate you from all the other guys. Think about it, they are asking her the same boring questions, whereas you are getting her to dream about sharing drinks on a deserted island!  This is slightly tricky to master at the beginning. When done correctly, this will quickly create a connection.  Learn all about advanced Tinder game techniques in “Tinder for Experts”.

In order to maximize your chances getting her chatty, the best Tinder openers are creative statements that will warm the temperature incrementally and trigger a conversation. Ideally, she will be the first to ask a question about you. Otherwise she will respond something insightful and signal a growing interest. Abstain from asking about her until she is engaged or you are willing to take a gamble. When done successfully, you enter the next phase: the conversational “fillers”.

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