Best Tinder Openers (page 1)

You’ve got the match, now how do you get her to meet you for the date?  It all starts with the Tinder openers!

In conventional game, Opening means striking up a conversation with a complete stranger. For Tinder Openers, I broaden the definition to mean: warming up a girl to the point where she is willing to engage in a proper conversation with you.

Best Tinder Openers

This encompasses girls you have already interacted with, but have since cooled down. Hence, anytime you are not sure if the girl is open to chatting, apply Tinder openers from this section.

Assume that all new matches are starting at a frozen temperature. This means that they saw your face for two seconds, swiped you right, and could not care less about the fact that you two matched.

Although usually not accurate, assuming this scenario means that you can still recover these ice-cold cases. If she chatted you up first, congratulations, the conversation is already lukewarm and you can skip this section. Otherwise, grab a fur jacket!


First step: test the waters with  Simple Tinder Openers

The match is new* or time has passed and you are not sure if she has cooled down. In this context, you should begin with simple Tinder openers that protect your value and require minimal investment on her part. This will enable you to gage where you stand and slowly warm her back up if she is indeed quite cold.

*Note: Most Tinder “experts” will advocate addressing a new match with a killer line or an insightful comment on her photos. This is equivalent to packing all your strength into one punch. If she does not reply, or answers something curt, you are left struggling. Gage the temperature first, and then move on to a more Conducive Opener (explained next).  At first, see best Tinder openers examples below. 

Therefore, to begin, say something that will elicit a response from all kinds of matches, cold or warm. Also, have it be something that does not kill your value if she fails to answer. Here are examples:

Best Tinder OpenersThis is my personal favorite out of the Tinder openers. It’s cute and shows you are not too eager. All the girl has to do is send a smiley back or say hey. If she does not answer, you can always follow up with something else while keeping your value intact.

Best Tinder openersSaying her name comes across as personable. The smiley makes you looks sweet (see how to use Emojis)


Best Tinder openersOnly if she matched you late at night.


Best Tinder openersYou are pointing out a fact that puts you on even footing. Some cold matches will warm up to this. If you use the smiley opener and she asks, in a cold tone, why you are smiling, you can always say “because tinder says we find each other hot, haha”.


Best Tinder openersI use this when the girl clearly put an effort into looking hot on her photos. You know it’s on if she answers: “thanks, you’re not too bad yourself!”

Notice that you are not aiming for ground-shattering originality. At first, the best Tinder openers are just cute little quips that will show any girl that you are just having fun and not investing too much of yourself yet. Her response, or lack thereof, will give you a strong hint about the temperature. After this, two things can happen:

1. She starts a conversation with you by asking questions:  she is into you and you can engage in a proper conversation.

2. She answers curtly or does not answer:  You know she is going to be a little tougher to crack and you need to follow up with some more Conducive Tinder Openers to get reach the point where she is willing to have a conversation.

> Read page 2: Conducive Tinder Openers


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