Tips for the hottest Tinder profile picture

hottest Tinder profile picture

She’s trying hard, why aren’t you?

Having the best profile photo is the single most important element of your Tinder profile. Most women will only see this when deciding which way to swipe. They will neither read your description and nor look at your secondary photos until they have matched with you. Most will not even look at your age!

How to format the perfect shot for your Tinder profile picture?

So how do we get maximum impact for just one Tinder profile picture? Firstly, formatting is very important.

Avoid posting a Tinder profile picture with:

  • only your face
  • you standing somewhere in the distance
  • you turned away from the camera
  • you sporting the “serious” look
  • you posing with anyone else. People in the background can be ok.
  • blurry resolution. Women are very weary of this and you should be too while swiping.
  • parts of the photo hidden by darkness. Same principle as previous point. Avoid black and white photos.
  • you wearing sunglasses


  • Have a Tinder profile picture of ONLY you, the sole focus of all attention.
  • We must be able to see your entire head, down to at least your chest*. Anything past the knees will be too zoomed out.
  • Stare at the camera, or slightly away if you want to have the “in action” look.
  • Smile genuinely
  • Make sure it is a crisp shot, such that someone who saw the photo could later recognize you in person. This being said, use apps like Instagram to optimize the lighting and smooth over your features. This needs to be the absolute best version of you.
  • Display one or several of the following Value Indicators: taste for luxury, physical activity, artistic side, travel experience or acute sense of style (explained next).

*Note: Even if you have a nice body, DO NOT get shirtless first picture!  In most cultures, these Tinder profiles will look very douchy (see a girl’s full list of douchebag traits).   Also, many other guys will think that this is the way to go. Differentiate yourself by having her discover your body on the later photos.

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