Best Tinder Taglines

Best Tinder taglines

Ain’t nobody got time for a Tinder poet!

 If you avoid the mains errors described in the previous article, you can say pretty much anything.

But keep it short, the best Tinder taglines are just 1 sentence long!

This being said, you might as well say something that can set off the woman’s imagination and serve in the conversation later.


Suggestions for Best Tinder taglines


Romance Themed

Magic carpet certified” – obviously joking around, but she might ask you to come pick her up with it.

I love long carriage rides into the sunset” – notice that you are not saying you will necessarily do this with her. The best Tinder taglines should not make the girl think of the date right away.

Flying to the moon and back

The fortuneteller brought me here

“Dancing in the moonlight… it just feels so right”

Looking for something dumb to do..” – some girls might spot the Bruno Mars song and chat you up saying “hey baby, I think I want to marry you”.


Travel Themed

If you could wake up anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be?”

Sandy beaches and snowy mountain tops!” – usually the girl will like one of the two.

“Buenos Aires – Paris – Berlin” – if you have lived in several places or speak another language than just English, hint at it in your tagline. If a woman shares a particular affinity, this will pique her interest. You can use this as a second line in your Tinder bio because it is not really a sentence and can make the best Tinder taglines even better. This is the exception to the rule.


Cute tagline evoking familiarity*

See you later, alligator” – Credits to Dr. Stinson for a using sweet sentence that close friends usually part with. She might even respond: “In a while, crocodile”.

Rise and shine, porcupine

“What you cooking, good looking?”

“Take care, teddy bear!”

*Note: Although these lines give the girl little content to help the conversation along, they make you look unassuming and approachable. This initiates the Sweetheart Principle (core eBook concept, learn more!) before you have even begun chatting. I would recommend a cute line if your pictures spill into the “seducer” or “exclusive” look.

In conclusion, the best Tinder taglines are not intended to give you additional value. Your pictures must entirely do this for you (even with best Tinder taglines ever conjured).  The most you can achieve is to come off as relaxed and interesting.

If you feel you have an awesome profile,  then you’re ready to learn the swiping strategies that will save you loads of time!

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