Full Review for Tinderly, the top Tinder Liker app

This is the first time that I write about a third party product and this means that there must be a damn good reason.  As a matter, there is!  Tinderly (premium version) is a game changer for active Tinder users, especially those who travel a lot.  This even trumps the new Tinder Plus!  Allow me to explain.

As a side note, I would like to stress that I am not making any money by promoting this app (I wish!).  This is my honest opinion about how Tinderly can help my readers make even better use of Tinder.

Tinderly allows you to CHANGE YOUR LOCATION!

I don’t know how they did it, but you can now Tinder anywhere in the world!  Don’t bother trying Irac and North Korea, I was there a few days ago and the Tinder scene is weak.  On a more practical level, this means that when you are really planning a trip, you can chat with girls there before arriving.  As an avid traveler myself, this is a blessing.  The first day in a new city is usually dedicated to frantic swiping with little chance of a meetup because of the short notice.  This is about to change!

Tinderly Tinder Liker

How do I say Tinderly in Japanese?

The Tinderly makers seem to undersell this feature.  It is actually by far the most useful in my opinion.  To set you location, just drop the pin on the map and wait for the list of women to refresh.  Careful, if you log back on to Tinder, your location will be switched back to where you really are.  You need to wait 10 minutes between location changes.

Traveling anytime soon? Have a match pick you up at the airport!

Know in advance how many girls have liked you

Again, I am baffled that the programmers pulled this off.  As you can see in the image, within two minutes of my fictional trip to Tokyo, I had 7 girls swipe me right.  This is before I have decided if I want to match them!  This feature does not always refresh accurately, but I find it still handy.

If you are often busy and just want to know if any girls liked you today, this feature is for you.  If you like the mystery and the surprise, then keep swiping away!

Tinderly is much faster than swiping

Indeed, Tinderly is a “Liker app” because you can save time and like 100 girls with one click.  Of course, this is ideal for those of you who only swipe right.  Check out our Swiping Strategies to find the best one for you.

Personally, I unlike all 100 and then quickly click on the ones I like.  This is marginally faster than swiping and admittedly less fun.

Get a second chance at love!

Tinderly will give you a full list of all the women you rejected.  From that list, you get the chance to reverse your decision and like the girls you find attractive at second glance.  Careful, this is only for girls you said no to on Tinderly.  If you left swipe a hottie on Tinder, you cannot cure that stinging sensation of regret.  However, you can get an “undo” button on Tinder Plus, now rolled out in a few countries.

The free version of Tinderly is utterly useless.  All the features described above work only on the premium version that costs between $5-$10 depending on your country.  This is a one-time payment.  In contrast, Tinder Plus also offers location change and “undo”, but at a monthly cost ranging between $1-$20.  Tinder Plus is still experimenting with its pricing and has not yet rolled out in most countries.  Even when it does, Tinderly is a wise investment, especially for those of us traveling several times a year!

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