Do you need to be handsome on Tinder?

Do you need to be handsome on Tinder to get a ton of matches?

Absolutely not, here is why:


No need to be handsome on Tinder

What a great feeling!

Tinder is as superficial as it gets. Looks matter tremendously, but hold on, this does not mean you need to be handsome to harvest a tone of matches. It just means that you need to learn how to sell yourself properly.

This means proper formatting (next section), showing high value indicators and, of course, optimizing your photos to look as sexy as you possibly can!

In this respect, women are light years ahead of men. I have lost count of the number of times my jaw dropped when I discovered what a woman actually looked like versus her Tinder profile (make sure to check her Facebook to avoid awkward meet-ups). Using Facebook to your advantage is explored in the bonus content of our eBook.

Although I don’t advocate hiding any flaws, as women often do, you must learn how to cast them in the best possible light!

Nobody is perfect. Here are 5 methods to take amazing Tinder pictures, while dealing with specific flaws.  Anyone can look handsome on Tinder if they learn how to take pictures properly!  Here are the tricks to keep in mind:

1) You are out of shape

Do not post a photo of you shirtless lying on a couch surrounded by skinny people. This will amplify the attribute and raise more objections than necessary.

Also, do not hide this by only posting face shots! This will eventually make the woman feel tricked once she gets a proper look at you.

Instead, post photos of you, on your own, rocking some well-adjusted clothes doing something sporty or stylish. This way, the flaw is immediately outweighed by other qualities in the same photo. Also, you are alone so you are not contrasted to people in better shape.

Do not post a photo of you with friends in even worse shape. This will sink your social value.

2) You are short

The girl will have no way of holding this against you so long as you do not post photos with much taller people.

The worse would be to post a photo of you with a taller girl; this will immediately trigger a left swipe.

I have a couple of very short friends, including Stinson, and this has not hindered their incredible success on Tinder. Occasionally, you will meet a taller girl, but this can be dealt with reasonably well in person. I told you, don’t need to be handsome on Tinder to get girls!

3) You are bald

If you are seriously balding, shave your head and rock that style. If you are starting to bald and it is noticeable, do not hide it by wearing a hat in every photo!

Angle the photos so that it is not too noticeable. Also, post a few that date back to a time when you sported a full set of hair. My good friend The Marv is 35 years old and an expert in this field.

4) You have bad skin

This is very easy to smooth over using modern photo optimizing tools like Instagram (more on this in the ebook). Again, the trick to avoid a “betrayal” reaction from the woman is not to hide your flaw, but to minimize it and cast it in the best light.

Sporting a nice tan in your photos can make you look a full point more appealing.

5) You have below average looks

Use Instagram to take cool photos and look more handsome on Tinder as you are. Show that you have a really cool life and access to luxury. Do not show photos with handsomer guy friends.

However, photos with attractive female friends (showing interest in you) are proven to make you look 1 to 2 points more attractive.  Careful!  You must avoid posing like a girl that looks like she might be your girlfriend, this will immediately trigger a left swipe!

Now that you have perfected your esthetics, time to make sure your Profile Picture gets any girl’s attention.  This picture is the most important for determining your success!

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