How to get matches on Tinder with the women you desire

Ever wonder how certain guys get a ton of matches on Tinder?  More than they can even handle!   The skills can be learned, but it all starts with fixing these key fators:


1) You are not getting Tinder matches because you are too picky

Be honest with yourself, is it realistic to only right-swipe models?  This is the primary reason men get no matches on Tinder.

Ask friends to help you objectively rate your profile.  Give yourself a score out of 10 for looks and one out of 10 for the value you manage to display on your pictures (perceived wealth, style, social value, sex appeal). Whichever scored lowest will be your baseline score and the highest will be your ceiling.

Since men only rate women on their looks, their scoring is simpler: a single number between 1 and 10. Even women subconsciously know that this is their value on the dating scene, especially when matching on Tinder.

How to get matches on Tinder

Is your profile as good as hers?

Right swipe women that score between your baseline and your ceiling. You will rarely match women above your ceiling, never mind meet them!   Similarly, women below your baseline are the ones you do not want to meet even if they offer you sex on a silver platter.

The closer you swipe to your baseline, the more you will get matches on Tinder. Since your market value is a weighted average of you looks and Perceived Value (culture decides the relative importance), women near the baseline are getting a bargain.

They will often be eager to know more about you and push for the meet up! On the other end, women near the ceiling will also match (though not as often) and act as a tough sell from the start.  To help overcome this, watch White Panda’s Youtube video on how to start a conversation with any Tinder match, even the toughest ones.

Experiment with different levels of pickiness to understand exactly how much a pound of your flesh is worth on the dating market.


2) You need to work on you profile

As explained here : “Best Tinder profile picture” and “Best Tinder Bio”, your looks must be optimized and your Perceived Value should be elevated into the stratosphere. If you are not matching any girls above an 8, know that this is your ceiling.

In order to do better at matching  Tinder, you need to improve your profile. Perceived Value is the variable with the most potential for improvement: the sky is truly the limit. So go out, do cool stuff and capture it on Instagram!

For a ton of picture ideas that will really get a girl’s attention, go pro and read the full eBook “Tinder for Experts”!


3) Get more matches by regularly resetting your profile

Once you have changed your pictures and elevated your Perceived Value significantly, you should reinitialize your Tinder profile. This means going into “App Settings” and deleting your account. Once this is done, log back on and re-upload your pictures. Don’t forget to retype your Tinder bio!

This means that you get a fresh start with your city’s entire Tinder population. Almost no girls will recognize you and you will be matching on Tinder with women that you missed out on last time around. This is the best way to see the drastic results from a superior profile.  I also recommend resetting every few months if you are regularly running out of girls to swipe.

Are you confident that you know how to get matches on Tinder with the woman you want?  Now you need to know what to say.  It all starts with a great opener.

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