How to start a Conversation on Tinder

Take a look at White Panda’s detailed explanation of Tinder openers, or in normal language: how to start a conversation on Tinder.  There are no killer lines, the best conversation starters need to combine timing, originality, high value and an adaptation to the type of girl you are dealing with.

This is definitely the most challenging part of the interaction.  Starting a conversation means conceding some value to woman because you are basically implying “hey, I am interested in talking to you” when she has not yet given you any sign that she might be as well.  For this reason, as well as general distractions, most women will rather ignore or reply to be polite, but not seek to let the conversation develop.  One conversation starter is usually not enough to avoid this risk, you need a system.

With these challenges in mind White Panda, an economist by trade, has crunched the probabilities to maximize your chances at the task 99% of guys fail at:

How to start a conversation on Tinder with the “stuck-up” ignoring types

The best way is to avoid the woman turning that side of her personality “on”.  If a woman is not sure about your profile, she is much more likely to be unreceptive to your conversation starters on Tinder.  Luckily, you can get all the advice necessary to build an irresistible profile in the free sample of the “Tinder for Experts” eBook.

Yet even with an awesome profile, some women are cold as ice!  Here is how to melt their resistance:

1. Spot the cold ones from the start, before you squander all your value with elaborate conversations starters.

2. Take your time, find the right moment to message her.

3. Now that you know she’s a cold case, make sure to start a conversation by simultaneously raising your value and drawing upon commonalities that you share.  Make sure she asks you the first question!

4. Once you get her attention, sprint to the Facebook Close as fast as possible.  Have a Facebook that boosts your value even more than your Tinder.  For more on Facebook Game, follow this link:

How to start a conversation on TinderThe Youtube video explains these points in more detail, but also how to start a conversation on Tinder with women that are keener or already flirtatious.  The video is already 10 minutes long, and some powerful techniques had to be left out.  If you are serious about using Tinder to your full advantage, then check out the full “Tinder for Experts” eBook and skip straight to the highest level!

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