Is Dirty Tinder A Scam? Review Scam or Safe

The ultimate question that needs answering is this-is Dirty Tinder nothing more than a scam?

Dirty Tinder is wrapped in a thick shroud of mystery. The so-called dating website and app have been marketed as a platform for eager daters to find several women online for hook-ups or something beyond.

However, several users have reported being redirected to some other website or page, which turns out to be fake platforms asking you to pay up for registration. On the other hand, some users have claimed to have used the authentic website itself to chat with actual women online.

If you are new to the game of Dirty Tinder or wish to know more about it, then read on.

is dirty tinder a scam

What exactly is Dirty Tinder?

To start using this website, you would first need to know what Dirty Tinder is.  Moreover, why does so much controversy surround Dirty Tinder, especially on the internet? Until now, probably your only source of information about Dirty Tinder could’ve been some webpage promotion you stumbled upon. Those promotions would be designed to include photos of naked or semi-naked women available for texts or calls, thus proving that girls on Dirty Tinder were naughtier than on Tinder. And undoubtedly, you might have been tempted to check that out yourself, isn’t it?

Well as it turns out, some of these advertisements did lead users to the URL but were, in turn, redirected to other dating platforms, based on the users’ current location.

But these days, the domain that was redirected to is not active anymore. On top of that, it is not exactly clear whether the earlier redirects are still working or not. Instead, in its place, you end up on a page that says you can offer to claim the site’s domain. This is an indication in itself, that the original owner of the domain does not have anything immediately planned for it. But, does that mean that the website in itself is dead?

Well, this is where things start to get extremely blurry. Several possible redirects exist, but merely some people have claimed so far that they were able to register completely on the website.

So the question remains, how do you get to those redirects in the first place? A lot of the time, you would simply have to search manually for online dating sites via whichever search engine you use.  Also, some of those redirects will lead you to the supposed Dirty Tinder page, which might then further lead you to other websites that have been discussed here.

Fake Traits of Dirty Tinder

A lot of things need to be remembered about the redirects discussed here, especially pertinent to these fake elements:

  1. The Tinder logo’s usage
  2. Presence of a countdown timer
  3. Age verification feature

The very first thing that you see about most websites promoting Dirty Tinder is their usage of the officially registered Tinder logo. Hence, a lot of people assume that Dirty Tinder is somehow associated with Tinder, and is automatically safe for use, just as official Tinder.

However, this has not been proven yet and all of this can be simply boiled down to fake advertising and nothing more.

Another characteristic worth noticing is that a pre-set countdown timer worth 3 minutes’ duration prompts you to immediately join the website for hooking up with hot girls in your area. But you must be warned, this is nothing more than pure clickbait. It is a made-up feature added to rush you into making your decision to proceed ahead. Apart from this, you will also be required to answer many questions for confirming that your age is 18 years and above. Although these questions would not matter a lot since you can always lie to get through, and no second verification is demanded.

But even after answering all the questions, you might be redirected to a website that may be used for dating but will have little to do with Dirty Tinder. For example, you may end up on a website called The homepage may display several naked/semi-naked girls to give the assumption of genuine Dirty Tinder. But it wouldn’t be so. You must, under any circumstances, join the website you are directed to. Not only might it turn out to be fake, but they might also forfeit all your personal information and use it for their benefits.

The scam called is also a very common scam revolving around Dirty Tinder. This website has been investigated to be one trying to profit off official Tinder’s popularity. Upon first visiting the website, you will see several photos of sexy girls that you can scroll through.

The website would want you to assume that the profiles belong to actual girls looking to meet you for a quick and casual hook-up. However, this is all just a trap to trick you into joining the website. None of the profiles are proven to be accurate, and they do belong to real people at all. Therefore, the next time you see this scam website mentioned above, don’t even try to experiment with it.

To add a layer of false accuracy to their claims, they even try to feature members’ testimonials as if they were true. There, people string one compliment after another for Dirty Tinder, saying that you can meet girls for hookups far more easily than through actual Tinder.

Thus, with the jury having closed the case about the scam that is Dirty Tinder, you must be careful while navigating dating websites and apps online.

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