The Smooth way to Talk Dirty on Tinder

You should never talk dirty on Tinder right away.  This would risk alienating most self-respecting girls. Instead, you need to engage in the gradual process of sexual escalation.  This refers to making the girl imagine you as a sexual partner, while maintaining enough tact to avoid burning promising leads. Although this strategy is risky, I recommend to talk dirty on Tinder at least a minimum because it makes conversation more exciting and paints you as a confident man.

To talk dirty on Tinder skillfully, you need to apply two steps forward with the ability to take one step back. This way, if you sense that the girl is uncomfortable, you can still recover.  Saying something very forward, but atoning with a smiley, is a good way to escalate sexually while maintaining the ability to take a step back. This article will elaborate such techniques in progressive order of intensity.

Talk dirty on Tinder

Tempt her into showing you her naughty side!

Joking and misinterpretation: laying the groundwork to talk dirty on Tinder

Now that you are building rapport over Facebook, keep an eye out for things she says that can be interpreted sexually. This makes for good humor and, if she plays along, can quickly escalate further. Do not forget to always add a smiley 😀 to avoid looking creepy and to let her know you are mostly joking. Here are some examples:


Are you inviting me over?  or Are you inviting yourself over? 😀

This is funny when she asks you what you are up to or she describes that she is doing something fun at her home (like watching a movie or cooking).


Wait.. you want me to apply some soap? / tanning oil? 😀

This is if she mentions she is going to shower or to get some sun


Are you essentially asking for a massage? 😀

When she says she has had a busy day at work


Uh oh, does that mean you’re going to booty text me late at night? 😀

When she says she is going out partying with some friends


Great part of town, do you want to move in for a few months? / can I move in for a few months? 😀

Since you say a few months, you are clearly being absurd. If she agrees, say “ok perfect, do you snore? 😛” Then, if she says no, continue with “ok, but will you keep me awake with other funny business? 😀” If she warns that she might keep you up all night, you know it’s on.

You can also initiate a sexual frame from scratch if there is nothing available to misinterpret.  This way, you can gradually start to talk dirty on Tinder whenever you deem right.  These techniques are for the pros, so grab your copy of “Tinder for Experts” and get to the next level!

For all the above suggestions, the innuendo is kept quite light. Even if she does not play along, you will have upped the sexual ante. This acts powerfully role on her subconscious. She may not be ready to talk dirty on Tinder quite yet, but she understands that the two of you are going to be more than just friends.


Intimate role-play

In this frame, you are addressing the woman as if she was your girlfriend or partner in a casual relationship, even though you have still not met her. This is the next level up from joking and misinterpretation because you are now fully embracing the roles, rather than merely being suggestive. If you reach this level of affectionate language, the date will come across as a no-brainer.

You should start using pet names at this stage. For those of you who are not used to using these in person, this is great practice. Sprinkle some of the following terms:

  • cutie (rather light, good to begin with)
  • baby, babe
  • sweetie
  • chérie (personal favorite, this is the French equivalent of sweetie)
  • sexy (yes, if you have reached to right temperature, keep it hot by calling her sexy)

Make sure to keep up the sexual undertone, but vary with a bit of romance. Say you will cook for her or take her to beautiful places. If you are doing something fun, take a picture and say you wish she were there. She is your imaginary girlfriend after all!

If a girl lets herself get carried to this level of intimacy, she will be longing to finally meet her prince charming. She may even be willing to come straight to your home for a glass of wine (and perhaps more). Talk dirty on Tinder and it could save you considerable time and effort!

Next comes the explicit sexual language and the dirty pictures.  This is surely the most edgy chapter of the eBook.  We have figured out how to get girls to send you naughty photos before even meeting you.  She will even be begging to see your private regions (and yes, that means even the controversial Dick Pic!!).  It is all explained step-by-step with real-life examples in “Tinder for Experts”Get it now and go pro!

If the girl uncomfortable to talk dirty on Tinder, that’s fine, just take a step back and resume building comfort to the point where you can invite her on a date.  This is an art of its own, so read the next article for the four best tricks to make sure she meets you!

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