The 10 Tinder Dating Gals You’ll Run Into

Tinder dating is this fantastic, scary, hilarious melting pot of the online dating world. Sure, you’ll run into your total psychos, but you’ll also meet a good deal of cool chicks. After some extensive field research, we have compiled a list of the female Tinder dating pool…and it’s pretty awesome.

 The 10 types of Tinder Dating Gals You’ll Run Into

1) The Catfish

Also commonly called the “I’m actually 50 lbs. heavier than any of my pictures would lead you to believe.” I’ve seen it a hundred times, some poor Tinder fella scanning the bar looking for that beautiful slender face, only to be let down. Tinder dating swipe rule number one: Full body shots are a must. No pic, no right swipe.


2) The Attention Seeker

The Tinder-sphere is also very heavily populated with these girls. The only action they’re looking for is some thumb action. They have no intention of ever meeting you. They’re just on to swipe, type and get some attention. After excuse number two when you ask to meet up, let this one go. There are plenty more swipes to be had.


3) The Clinger

This one will have you wishing you had never swiped right. There are five stages in Tinder dating: 1) Match 2) Converse on the app 3) Text 4) Facebook Stalk 5) Meet up. The Clinger will fly through these stages and add a sixth –become the girlfriend you never wanted. Unsolicited SnapChats, texts and calls will soon have you on Amazon looking for a Mophie.


4) The Ex!

It’s bound to happen, and it will give you a jolt. Whatever you do, do not lose your senses, think you’re looking through pictures and accidentally swipe right. Go ahead and creep, but creep with caution. You never want to lose the breakup power struggle, especially on Tinder…how pathetic. Do you know how to write your Tinder bio?


Tinder dating: which one is she?

Tinder dating: which one is she?

5) The Blatant Hooker

Don’t run and tell your buddy about that hot girl in the skin-tight, hot pink dress who’s ready to meet up as soon as you match. She’s a hooker. ‘Nough said.


6) The Ehhhhh, She’ll Do…

Another bountiful segment of the Tinder dating world –the girl who’s just below your standards. She’s nice enough, she’s kinda ugly and your dog is more interesting, but…she’ll do. Learn about swiping strategies here.


7) The Complete Idiot

She’s vapid, attention seeking and she uses waaay too many “LOLs”, exclamation marks and she speaks fluent Emojicon. The bright side? She’s likely to want to meet up, she’ll never the conversation die and she’s probably pretty easy.


8) The Familiar Face

She’s the girl you kind of know in real life but have never considered dating. Now all of the sudden she seems appealing because she’s on a dating app. Come to your senses and realize that if you weren’t attracted to her in person, nothing magical is going to happen in your pants once you swipe right. On the other hand, if in the real world she’s caught your eye, there’s no harm in a potential match up. If she doesn’t end up swiping right, she’ll never know that you did.


9) The DTF

Let’s get real; Tinder is, in fact, a hook-up app. Almost the entire matching process is based on physical attraction. Unless her profile indicates otherwise, she’s most likely DTF. Unless you’re on the app to meet your soul mate, I would suggest playing the odds and going into this whole Tinder dating thing experience with a shootin’ fish in barrel attitude. Want to learn how to create the irresistible Tinder dating profile?


10) The DTF, Psych! Also Clinger

Watch out for this one. No really, watch out. She’ll give you all the signs that she’s just interested in a hook-up, then WHAM, after it happens she transforms into The Clinger. The guilt, the pressure and stench of desperation can be overwhelming. Be clear about your intentions in the nicest way possible before you take her on a date to Pound Town.


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