Write the best Tinder bio

For your Tinder bio, the important cruise for sex sites ohio thing to remember is that it matters very little. You have 500 characters to write a ton of nice stuff about yourself. Do not fall in this trap! When it comes to a Tinder bio, more does not mean better.

Tinder bio

Do you think she’s got time to read a long Tinder bio?

You want to write exactly one sentence and that’s it!

How to write your Tinder bio?

You will look like you are trying much too hard if it appears that your gave your Tinder bio any real thought. Tinder is meant to be a low-effort, simple app. Your photos need to do all the nude dormitory webcams talking.

Since photos were presumably not taken explicitly for Tinder, they will not look too http://transilvaniatattoo.ro/po/dating-social-network-software-95v try-hard. A long monologue will make you seem willing to pour your heart out to the million strangers viewing your profile. This is not high value at all.

Crucially, you should use the space in your Tinder bio to add your Instagram account. Since Tinder only allows for six pictures, linking Instagram will allow the woman to find out more of your qualities. Creating a stunning Instagram is fully explained in the eBook’s bonus content.

Here is the ideal format for your Tinder bio:

About White Panda

A simple sentence of my choosing.

Instagram: xxx_xxx


Absolutely AVOID in http://123funworld.com/wmp/fn-sex-sites-that-work-like-u-tube your Tinder bio:


  • Stick to the core Picture Principles: nothing show-off, polarizing, work-related, weird, gross or low value in any way.
  • Abstain from saying that you are a tourist or new to a city. This will cost you matches with the women seeking something serious or with the other tourist girls looking for a local. Therefore, mention this later when the temperature of the conversation is right, not immediately your Tinder bio.
  • Quotes are also perceived as quite lame. Not all women are seeking a man who thinks of himself as a modern-day philosopher. Come up with something yourself, but nothing too deep.
  • Do not cite what you are looking for in a woman. This is also too try-hard.
  • Do not try to be funny. Being cute is ok, but saying something with a punchline is much too try-hard. Besides, girls have different senses of humor and most will find you lame.
  • Do not say anything already made obvious in your photos. This is a waste of space.
  • Do not mention what you plan to do with the woman. This will make her think of the date too early on.
  • Do not say anything too serious. It is better to appear to be joking around to set a relaxed tone and to avoid her judging you.
  • Do not leave this area blank. You will come across as strange.

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In conclusion, your Tinder bio is not intended maximum sex dating site to give you additional value. Your pictures must entirely do this for you.

The best you can achieve is to come off as relaxed and interesting. On the flip side, you can lose a lot of value if you write something too long or if you commit one of the common errors.

Use your Tinder bio to give her a glimpse into your personality, but leave her wanting to know more by matching you!

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