Great Tinder Conversations

Tinder conversations should be simple, yet stimulating, and serve get her warm enough to want to share her Facebook.   This should be achieved within 7-15 exchanges including the openers.  Save the deeper rapport building for when you have her on Facebook (see next), Tinder conversations should remain superficial. Keep her wanting more and do not act like you are taking the interaction too seriously.

Tinder Conversations

Girls are busy, you cannot afford to be boring!

Here you can start to be yourself, but this needs to be an optimal version.  You must respect the Sweetheart Principle, Conversational Value indicators and Temperature Theory (core eBook concepts). Even though you are finally in a proper conversation, warm her up gradually. This means, do not ask too much from her too quickly, or she risks cooling down or falling silent.

Here are some questions to help fill your Tinder conversations:


Yes/No questions for Tinder Conversations

The lowest investment questions are of the “Yes/No” variety. This being said, generally avoid Yes/No questions because they slow down Tinder conversations. The girl will answer, but might not ask a follow up, leaving you running on empty. It is much wiser to ask questions that will require proper answers.

The only time such questions will actually help the Tinder conversations along is when you are guessing something about her. This is most effective when you are guessing something a little far-fetched, that way if you are right you gain value, and if you are wrong it will be funny and she will correct you. To come up with these, use her photos or other info, and be creative.


Fun Questions

Once you feel she is engaged, move on to some of the more stimulating questions. Here she will have to invest some time to answer, but she will be motivated so long as the questions are fun and original.


How’s your luck on Tinder so far?

This can spiral into all sorts of entertaining conversations. Do not ask specifically if she has met anyone else yet. Just joke about the other guys on the app and the superficiality the entire concept. When she asks you about your success so far, just say you started not long ago, but you find it fun. Do not say you have met anyone through Tinder.


How do you know [friend or interest in common]

Will only work if you have a common friend or a rare interest in common.


Any cool plans for the weekend?

This is purely conversational, abstain from trying to plan anything with her except as a joke. Remember, you are much better off getting a one-on-one date, but planning this should not happen during Tinder conversations.  You should wait until you have her on Facebook.


What are you up to right now (other than swiping like mad)?

This will enable you to gage if she is usually busy on evenings.


What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen on tinder so far?

Have something funny in reserve in case she asks you. Ideally, something value-increasing like a girl harassing you for sex.


Build a Fantasy (if you have not already)

Fantasies are powerful openers, but also a great conversational tool. In fact, it is often easier to escalate into a fantasy from information she gives you in Tinder conversations. If she plays along, realize that your conversation is at a peak and you should be eying the Facebook close very soon.

Now that you are having an entertaining and casual conversation, reach a peek and ask for her Facebook.  Dr. Stinson and I have developed a technique that gets her Facebook 95% of the time!  Unfortunately, if all our readers start using it, girls will soon catch on.  So this technique is only available for those who go pro by making the small investment in our “Tinder for Experts” eBook.

Getting her Facebook is the critical step to end Tinder conversations .  You have a much higher chance of meeting her once you are both “friends”.  You can also make sure she is not fooling you with her Tinder photos.  But she’s not yours yet!  You need to have good Facebook Game to convince her to meet you for a date or (if you are really a pro) to send you naughty photos.

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