How to get her to agree to a Tinder Date!

To successfully invite her on a Tinder date, you first need to have mastered all of previous conversational elements. If you feel you need to start from the beginning, check out Simple Openers and work your way back up to this article. Once you think you are ready to ask her out on a Tinder date, beware, it is not so simple! If you want to maximize your chances, there are some very important factors to take into account.

Tinder date

Cheers! To the man with the skills to organize a great Tinder Date!

Top 4 Tips to have her agree to a Tinder Date

1. Do not offer the date too early: Most guys lack tact and will offer the Tinder date in the first few messages. If she is not yet comfortable or curious enough, she will refuse and the conversation will go cold. It is far wiser to act like you are not even thinking about the date, you just want to chat and get to know her.

Once you are starting to build a decent connection, you should hint at the idea of a Tinder date to see how open she is. Test the waters by suggesting something absurd – “I think we’re due for a trip to Paris” – or framing a date as something far removed – “If ever we met some day, would you would be as much fun in person? :D”. If she appears hesitant, you have more work to do before asking her out! If she plays along, then you can start suggesting something more concrete.

2. Emphasize the casual nature: On Tinder, women do not expect to be invited for a fancy dinner. In fact, many women are not even looking to meet anyone on a Tinder date; they are just having fun and flirting around. Therefore, they will hesitate to accept an invitation that sounds like it has all the expectations of a formal date.

Once you have built up some comfort, imply that the two of you would have a lot of fun continuing the conversations in person. Frame it as something short and casual – “Ice cream or a drink?”(for example). Throw in some perks – “I can tell you all about…” or “There’s this place I have to show you” – but keep the expectations low, you are just meeting to relax and see if you get along. Of course, once you have her in front of you, things can get much more interesting.

3. Schedule no more than 1-2 days in advance: Most women will not inscribe “Tinder Date” into their calendars. Also, magazines on dating the more time passes, the more her memory of you recedes down her list of priorities. Beyond two days, the odds greatly increase that something else will pop up or that she no longer feels the desire to meet you at all.

Once she accepts to meet you, say you happen to be free the next day. If she is not available and suggests a time beyond two days, resist the urge to accept! Instead, say you are not sure and offer to talk again when the time draws nearer. This gives you the chance to have another chat and meet while you are still fresh on her mind.

4. Do not get upset if she cancels last-minute: Women will get nervous slightly before a Tinder date and the smallest thing can suddenly become a good reason lds singles events to cancel. You may get upset when you learn last minute that “feeding the cat” has become more important than spending time with you. With this kind of thinking, you will never get a second chance.

Guess what, a woman does not care that your time is expensive and that you went out of your way to plan something nice for her. If anything, she will wonder why you are taking a Tinder date so seriously. Since women are prone to canceling, plan the date near your home and have something else lined up in case. When you get the cancellation, say “ok, no problem”. There is nothing else you can do. Next time you talk to her, build up more comfort and try a different date idea.

Learn to apply these four tips properly and you will maximize your chances of her accepting to meet you. The fifth essential element is where to take her for the Tinder date. You will find a detailed list of date suggestion in the “Tinder for Experts” ebook, as well as step by step advice on how to seduce her in person, fun ways to turn Tinder awkwardness into sexual tension, how to decide what kind of relationship evolves and much more! The results have a 100% money-back-guarantee, so join the pros!

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