Tinder Emoji Openers

Do you speak Emoji? Use our 11 emojis as best Tinder emoji Openers & conversation leads

Lovem’ or hatem’, your success will be far greater if you speak emoji. On Tinder, the girl has no idea who you are. If she has to guess your emotions, she will assume you are houston on line dating like the other douchebags on the app. (See how to get the best Tinder profile pictures)

Therefore, it is very important that you speak with plenty of emojis, especially when something is up for interpretation. Also include a laughing “haha” or “lol” when something could be seen as serious.


Here are the 11 most useful Tinder Emoji Openers and how to use them to your advantage:


Tinder emojy openers The smiley The Smiley: This is the most useful. Use it whenever you would be smiling in real life. Very effective to appease something seen as forward or sexual innuendo.
Tinder emojy openers Squinting Smiley Squinting Smiley: When something is both funny and a little forward.
Tinder emojy openers Blushing smiley Blushing Smiley: Use sparingly because it will make you look shy. Avoid with women who seek a very alpha male. Best to use after you say something awesome about yourself to avoid looking like you are bragging.
Tinder emojy openers Cheeky smiley Cheeky Smiley: Use when you are poking fun at her.
Tinder emojy openers ouch smiley Ouch Smiley: If she pokes fun at you and you want to show that you have a sense of humor. Can also express surprise.
Tinder emojy openers Kiss smiley Kiss Smiley: Usually only shared between couples. You can easily come across as creepy if you use this smiley. Best used when she is pretending to be upset about something and you are giving her a little sweetness.
Tinder emojy openers Crying Smiley Crying Smiley: This is much better than a sad smiley because it is exaggerated and funny. Use when she shoots down a fantasy or is not available to do something you suggest.
Tinder emojy openers Shocked Smiley Shocked Smiley: Use when she says something you do not want to hear.
Tinder emojy openers Surprised Smiley Surprised Smiley: Good when she says something you were not expecting or reveals something particularly interesting about her.
Tinder emojy openers Weirded-out Smiley Weirded-out Smiley: Used in the Openers section when a girl does not let you get past Opening without falling silent. Also use if she says or does something strange that you do not like.
Tinder emojy openers Unimpressed Smiley Unimpressed Smiley: Similar to weirded-out smiley. Use if she is not engaging properly. For instance, you ask a question and she answers “hey”. Also use if she refuses to give out her Facebook or Instagram.




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The Perverted Wink

Tinder emojy openers wink smiley

Most guys will shoot themselves in the foot when using this emoji.

If you say anything that could be interpreted as sexual and add a wink, she will think you are a pervert, like so many other guys on Tinder. (See how to avoid Douchebag trap on Tinder)

In this scenario, even if the intention is to up the sexual ante, use a regular Smiley instead. Trust me, the reception will be much smoother.

The wink still has its use. It can soften a joke that teases her ego. It is also a cute way to say hello; for example, when messaging her on Facebook for the fist time. Whatever you do, avoid looking cheesy or eager. Apply with caution!


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