From Tinder to Facebook Game

Once you are both Facebook friends, you have reached a certain “safe zone”. Many girls will delete the app shortly after trying it, making you one of the only surviving matches. Also, you are now communicating in a much more casual way which is ideal to build deeper rapport. Here I explain various tools to ensure that your Facebook game only enhances your appeal and helps you build a deeper connection.


Facebook game 101: Optimize your image

Facebook game

Does your Facebook game match up to your Tinder game?


If you are like most people, you have had Facebook for many years and have not always been careful to perfect your image.

Therefore, add girls as “Acquaintances” and optimize what they are allowed to see.  To know what kind of photos to include, refer back to the articles Polish your Looks and High Value Indicators.


Facebook Game 102: Start a new conversation

Unless she immediately starts asking you questions, you should start the conversation with an opener.

A novice will launch into the conversation with whichever question is on his mind. This is a mistake. A good conversationalist with Facebook game will know to wait. Once the girl responds, you know she is in a mood to chat. If she does not answer, something has made her cool down.

Luckily, opening a conversation on Facebook is much easier than over Tinder. Here are some of the new tools you have at your disposal:


  • Details about her: You can now access all her basic information (hometown, schools, profession) and many of her interests. If you have a strong link to one of these, bring it up in the opener.
  • Way more photos: Have a look at her pictures for something you can use. Avoid using something too specific. You do not want her thinking you had a detailed look at all her photos. For example:

BAD: “I can’t believe you went to that restaurant four years ago!

GOOD: “Wow, that beach you just went to really reminds me of Miami!

  • You can send photos: A picture is actually worth more than a thousand words.   If you are doing something cool, take a picture and send it with a caption. This ought to start a conversation and raise your value. Careful, selfies are still banned. Therefore, take a photo of your surroundings or have someone else take one of you.
  • Callback Humor: In a previous conversation, if you used a joke or a fantasy, bring it up as an opener. This will put her back in the emotional state that had her attracted to you in the first place.  This is a powerful tool, but be careful not to rely on it too heavily to carry the conversation. Quickly switch topics once she is engaged. For example:  “I booked our tickets to Paris! :P” (if you had joked about taking her there some day)

Facebook Game 103:  Build deeper rapport

In Facebook game, you need to build rapport in order to bring about the critical temperature that will allow for setting-up a date.

The best way is to have her share stuff about herself. Fortunately, girls absolutely love to talk about themselves, so all you have to do is ask the right questions. Then, provide valuable insight on the subjects she is describing. This will create a much stronger bond than the simple horse-trading of information. Also, act more and more interested, like her investment is gradually winning you over.

On the flip side, men also love to talk about themselves. Don’t be one of those attention-seeking chumps. When a girl asks you a question, answer it concisely, and then try to relate it to her with “have you ever tried that?” or “we should totally do that together next time”. Ideally, you answer questions in such a way that will instigate a return to her talking about herself.

Here are some fun topics to boost your Facebook game and gain insight on the woman’s personality:

  • What do you do to relax?  This can help her imagine relaxing with you. It can also set the groundwork for the date to come.
  • Are you the party type? Often, the girl will seek to justify that she is not. You can then say that you prefer a chill drink with good conversation. If she agrees, you are subtly preparing the date.
  • If you could wake up anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be? You can then easily build a getaway fantasy based on common travel interests.
  • What’s your favorite place to go on vacation? Similar to the previous line.
  • What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done? Based on the answer, you can understand if she is a risk taker.
  • What do you do for fun (apart from Tinder)? This way you can learn about her hobbies and passions.

Try to use these questions in context, not out of the blue. Also try to have them spin off into an insightful conversation where you make her laugh and discover commonalities. Have a cool answer ready when she asks you the same question in return.

Or course, there is a lot more to Facebook game, such as: figuring out her type, using selfies (the golden exception), properly suspending conversations and how to revive very cold girls.  To learn this material, take the time to read the “Tinder for Experts” eBook.

As your Facebook game improves, you will become able to take the conversation in a sexual direction.  From light teasing to full naughty behavior, anything is possible if the mood is right!  Read about sexual escalation techniques and dirty talk in the next article.

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