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Tinder for Experts is #1 bestselling Tinder book on Amazon in five countries!

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Top-rated, longest and most detailed Tinder book on Amazon.  Contains nine chapters of proven techniques to build the perfect profile, know exactly what to say, get her attracted and set up an amazing date.  Careful, this book goes deep!


Tinder for Experts

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Tinder for ExpertsVery complete, everything you need!

Goes really in depth on creating a social appearance that attracts many right swipes! After reading the ebook I applied the methods to all my social media and wow… I really wish i knew what i know now years ago.
– Ricky Jones, Vancover

Must read to empower you Tinder value

My friend Thomas offered me this book.
I read about 3/4 of it and already applied a bunch of tips from Stinson and the Marv.
I recognize that a few details had a very significant impact on my Tinder dates. I did not hooked up that much before, but since I changed my Tinder habits, I went on several date and ended up with the “Happy Ending”.
I strongly recommend the book also because it was fun and it came with a lot of example and practical piece of advices.
Cheers guys!
– Thomas C, Miami

Solid Book

Definitely the most comprehensive guide that’s available in terms of how to pick up girls via tinder. It covers everything from how to build you profile, manage the interaction, when to ask for the date and how to get laid once you go out with a girl. I’m probably getting 2-3 times more matches following the advice in the book than I was getting before so it was definitely worth it for me.
– Antoine, Sidney


Buzz about Tinder for Experts from around the world!

“The Game” for the Age of Mobile/Web 2.0 ; it tripled my success; most up-to-date guide for dating beautiful women

Truly the most up-to-date chronicle and guide that should and will form the bedrock, the foundation of dating and meeting beautiful women in this brave new world of mobile and web 2.0. White Panda skillfully deconstructs the subtle yet complex social interactions on Tinder (although it has ALSO dramatically improved my texting game as well as other internet dating results!!) and provides a clear step-by-step guide that any I could follow to literally triple my success on the popular app. In addition to the straightforward methodology, one of the best aspects of applying the book is that it saved me so much time and energy when “swiping right”; I was blown (literally) away by both the dramatic increase in both quality and quantity of beautiful women I was getting matched up with.
Having read The Game, Mystery Method and some other pick-up books, I achieved good success in the environment in bars, clubs, coffee shops and ect, however when I applied these same “neg-the-target” methods to internet dating (PoF, OkCupid, ect) and Tinder the results weren’t great: it was a huge time commitment to do it right (wasn’t exactly looking to jump on a grenade) and success was highly variable/unpredictable. Using “Tinder For Experts” has simplified and streamlined my dating life to a shocking degree of consistent Tinder success!
The truth is that there ARE beautiful women (HB 8+) out there on dating websites AND tinder. However, getting to meeting them is a problem that is both easily and quickly solved by White Panda’s methodology. I remember I was out at a bar gaming and having chatted up a HB 9+ bartender, she eventually revealed to me that she met her last 2 boyfriends on Tinder. Surprised by that factoid, it made me reflect on my own Tinder-game leading me to this book and therefore success in a time-efficient manner.

– Justin Miller, Columbus, USA

Skeptical at first, but well worth it. Good content.

I have had some success with tinder in the past however since I found this topic to be on trend I figured I’d give it a quick read on the plane. Up to date my strategy has been to swipe right on everything. Tinder for experts is well written and I can see how some of the theories and general psychological games would help improve chances for tinder dates.

Traveling frequently, I use tinder to meet up with locals. What I enjoyed about this book is that you can apply what you learn to more than a specific demographic of women (IE not just north american women). Earlier in my teenage years I read The Game, while relying on some of the same principles, Tinder for experts really helps focus on dating in the digital age; how to generate interesting conversations, build rapport transition into dates and closing.

Perhaps what I found most helpful were the sexual escalation techniques. You want to get your dates in the right mood before meeting up with them. While I cannot change my appearance, I can change how I address my matches. I have no doubt that what I learned will help me enjoy tinder even more. Definitely worth the investment!

– Christoffer Jensen, Hong Kong

Au top! Le livre le plus complet sur tinder

N’étant pas très actif sur les différents réseaux sociaux et sites de rencontre, j’ai découvert le phénomène tinder comme beaucoup par du bouche à oreille. J’ai tout de suite adoré le concept et je me suis rapidement surpris à faire des recherches pour perfectionner son utilisation afin d’optimiser mes chances de succès sur l’application.

Et je n’ai pas vraiment l’habitude de prendre le temps de rédiger des avis mais je tenais à le faire cette fois ci car ce livre à été d’une précieuse aide pour moi et est rapidement devenu ma bible pour tinder!
En effet, lors de mes recherches je n’ai rien trouvé d’aussi abouti. Toutes les étapes y sont détaillées, de l’optimisation de son profil jusqu’aux précieux conseils lors d’un premier rendez-vous. Et ce que je cherchais avant tout : un guide complet afin d’assurer au maximum lors des différents échanges virtuels (très pratique lorsqu’on est en panne d’imagination pour savoir quoi répondre).
Ce livre m’a permit en somme de limiter les erreurs que j’aurais pu commettre sans même m’en rendre compte! Vous ne serez pas déçu.

– Stéphane Matias, France

You pay for what you get!

Why did I get this book when all others were $3 ?? Well, I read the reviews for other Tinder books on pick-up forums and it looked like they were a combination of cheesy lines and “duh” tips. This book was the only one with some positive buzz..

So I figured I would buy this one and two cheap ones to be sure I got the whole picture. Boy I should have saved my money on the others, there was no comparison. The cheap books read like they were written quick to make some easy money!

Tinder for Experts actually goes in depth and explains the psychology behind all the advice. On top of that, it doesn’t come off like some over-the-top creepy pick-up artist stuff. Its just logical, well thought out advice coming from a guy (or a panda) who’s clearly spend hundred of hours on the app and gotten laid more using it than the average guy in his lifetime.

I don’t often give 5 stars and this book will not win the Pulitzer prize, but I want to stress I lost money on those other Tinder books!! So do yourself a favor and go the expert route!

– Arnaud V, Norway

Wertvolle Tipps für Einsteiger und Fortgeschrittene

Auf Empfehlung eines guten Freundes habe ich vor kurzem die Tinder-App auch auf meinem Smartphone installiert und gleich losgetindert. Die ersten Matches kamen aber als ich die Frauen anschreiben wollte kamen mir Zweifel, wie ich es eigentlich machen sollte. Mir viel es schwer die richtigen Worte zu finden um ein Gespräch einzuleiten und nach erfolglosen Versuchen die Unterhaltung zu beginnen suchte ich nach Tutorials oder Tipps im Netz. Bei meiner Recherche bin ich dann auf dieses Buch gestoßen.

In dem Buch werden mir vom Autor vielfältige Hilfestellungen gegeben wie ich etwa mein Profil einrichte, welche Profilfotos sollte ich nehmen, wie schreibe ich die Frauen erfolgreich an und wie schaffe ich es, dass sie sich mit mir treffen wollen und wie verhalte ich mich beim Date mit Ihnen. Mir haben diese Tipps sehr geholfen und konnte mich nach dem Lesen dieses Buches mit ein paar Frauen verabreden.

Wer nützliche Hilfestellungen und Ratschläge zu diesem Thema sucht, macht mit diesem Buch aus meiner Sicht sehr viel richtig und kann deshalb eine Kaufempfehling aussprechen.

– Daniel, Germany

I never EVER thought I’d say this, this book actually helped my dating life!!

Hands down, if you are looking for a book on improving your dating life, one-night stands or whatever else it is you’re looking for, this is the book to buy. I’ve read the forums and hung out with so called PUA experts, but I have got to say, this book has been a GOD SEND! I tried my hand at online dating sites, including the likes of Tinder, but saw very little improvements in my dating activity. I figured I’d just go back to going to bars and continue my, “hoping something good comes along” technique.

I’ll be honest, I thought most dating books were just a hoax, but this book came highly recommended on the forums I’ve been reading. Next thing I notice, I read through the entire book in an evening, update my Tinder profile with some small tweaks from the book and gave it a shot. I waited a few days, thinking I would be patient with the process, plus I didn’t think anything would come of it. By the third day I started swiping… and the results…they were crazy! I was just trying to make sure I was responding to all of the conversations during work hours. It sounds like a commercial, but seriously. I never thought I’d be getting the hot matches that I have been, and really, it was just a few minor changes to my profile.

If you’re even considering the book, it’s worth checking out the first chapter. The writing is simple for anyone to understand, and the points are really logical, sometimes making you think “why didn’t I think of that?!”

White Panda… whoever you are, awesome job and THANK YOU!

– Thomas Prufer, Los Angeles, USA

 Tinder for Experts

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