3 alternate Tinder hookup strategies

If you want to know how to hook up on Tinder with the highest chances of success, you should learn and follow the Sweetheart Principle (core eBook concept).  It is proven to get the largest number of women interested.  When applied correctly, the Sweetheart Principle is also guaranteed to avoid turning off a woman or scaring her away.

However, there are some specific situations in which you should try an alternate Tinder hookup strategy.  In these cases, you are not aiming to be the absolute sweetheart.  You must instead create a different frame that will actually increase your chances of a Tinder hookup, but only if you read the situation properly!

Here are the 3 possible alternate Tinder hookup strategies and when to use them:

1) The Sexual Seducer

Tinder hookup

She’s not looking for a husband!

You have matched with a girl that is not worth much investment or you have a very limited time horizon in this specific city – you want to cut straight to the chase. Although rapid Sexual Escalation will alienate the majority, you can end up filtering down to the ones that are explicitly looking for a casual Tinder hookup.

There are ways to quickly identify which girls are open skipping the date and to get them to agree enthusiastically to a one-night-stand instead.

My good friend Dr. Stinson is truly a pioneer in the field of quick Tinder hookup strategies.  To minimize chances of rejection, read about Sexual Seduction Techniques and Dirty Talk.

2) The Social Facilitator

Here you play the cool guy that enjoys bringing people together and is not necessarily looking for a date. You should absolutely implement this frame if one of these three points applies:

  • You have close friends in common with the girl
  • She is part of a community that you have strong ties with (Jewish, Hispanic, Fashion, Charity…)
  • She is visiting your city and does not know anyone (except perhaps the friends she is travelling with)

Begin by pointing out that, through you, she can meet interesting people and have a great time. This is an effective Tinder hookup strategy because it is a sure shot way to build comfort.

If she is showing a specific interest in you, gradually push for a one-on-one meet-up (see “Get her out on the Date”). You can always fall back on social group invitation if she does not want to meet alone.

The Social Facilitator is also a last resort for other girls that have gone cold. If the date looks almost impossible, invite them to cool events – the law of large numbers will insure that some will end up meeting you after all.


3) The Tourist

This frame can be used in conjunction with the Sweetheart Principle. For various reasons, local girls will go out of their way to meet you if you are a tourist, especially if you come from a place that they could picture themselves visiting someday.

If you act sweet and non-threatening, the girls will be happy to show you parts of town that regular tourists would never see.

I have travelled much of the world using Tinder profusely, and this has led to some absolutely unforgettable experiences!

Keep in mind that the actual Tinder hookup will be more challenging since the girl will set up the date and your logistics may not be optimized in a foreign land.

For real-life stories and all the advice you need to succeed on the date, join the pros and grab a copy of “Tinder for Experts”!

For more free advice on setting up a Tinder hookup, check out the best tips to make her agree to the date!

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