Best Tinder Openers To Send To Your Match

You know the drill-you swipe right on a profile on Tinder and twiddle your thumbs to shoot your first text. Sending your first message on Tinder can be a bit jittery. You are bound to think of questions like- Should I be serious or funny? Am I being too forthcoming? Am I coming across as too desperate? Would saying a “hey” be enough? 

Specifically speaking, texting first can get even trickier if you are a woman trying to reach out to other women. It may be so because there are no rules whatsoever about who should first ask out. That being said, it’s 2020, and waiting for being messaged first is canceled. This year, especially if you are in lockdown, take a vow to send the first text, without any hesitation or fear.

Best Tinder Openers

This article has been written after a well-crafted experiment on Tinder involving genuine women. Only after thorough research, the fail-proof Tinder opening texts given below have been compiled. These lines will help you save your matches, help you impress your potential date, and ultimately meet. While not all these lines may deliver results, you can choose some of them according to your tastes.

Don’t Be Afraid of Your Freak

Unleash your freaky side by texting a random freaky fact about yourself. This would be a way better alternative than ‘hey’ or bringing up a person’s photo and carrying on a lame conversation. Sharing a random yet fun fact about yourself often prompts a response where the person you’re trying to reach might open up. If nothing else, they are bound to appreciate your creativity and quirk.

Hahaha oh shit! Not sure if you remember

This opener is brilliant because it is not only plain nasty but also a severe clickbait. Do you know how those irritating Facebook articles manage to thrive on the internet? The answer is obvious-via curiosity.

The reason why the above-mentioned opener works so well is that every person regardless of their gender- wishes to know out of mere curiosity what have they forgotten. Through your text, you may make it look as if you have met them before. Or that perhaps something happened between you two already. That there might be a chance of something happening and they fully forgot about it.

So they might respond to your opening text on Tinder only to be certain. When they finally text back, you will have several options to choose from. But hitting them up with a historical fact would undoubtedly work.

Hey <name>, you know what is interesting about your photos?

This message opener is nothing more than clickbait, clickbait, and pure clickbait. Of course, your Tinder interest would want to know from you what find interesting about their photos. While they may probably have an idea of what it could be, they might not be 100% certain whether you have the exact opinion.

So if they want a reply, they will have to text back. And that’s Marketing 101.

Hi, stalker: rainbow emoji:

Does this not seem short and sweet? This is a better variation to the unimaginative-opener (hi/hey /hello) but it is a tad bit more challenging. By directly calling your interest/match a stalker, you present a scenario where they might have been stalking you for ages.

Or they might have been awestruck at your message and may start stalking you instead. The point of adding the rainbow emoji, in the end, is to lighten stuff up so as not to make them not to take things seriously. Plus, it has a gay connotation to it.

 HEY Heyy Hey, <name>!!

Although you never start a Tinder conversation with a bland opening, this one is a bit different. You know you should NEVER start any conversation with hi, hey, or hello.  Then you may be wondering, why has “HEY Heyy Hey” been added to this list?

Firstly, to prove that little details matter for successful Tinder conversations. The exact difference between “Hey” and “HEY Heyy Hey, <name>!!” is extremely huge.

Your Tinder match may be nursing uncountable “hey’s” in their inbox. But the “Hey” line that we have suggested seems a far more enthusiastic alternative. They may or may not have received it before and therein lays its power.

Conversations are stiff on Tinder and that is why your match opening their inbox with enthusiasm is a refreshing take.


Dry. This is an extremely dry opener. This opener has a very “I Don’t Give A Phuck” vibe. This opener sounds like a laid back, “Hawaiian-surfer-chilling-on-his-hammock-waiting-for-some-waves” vibe. You should not try too hard to be too cool while at the same time rush in with peasant openings.

However, on the other hand, this opener may take off if your profile is Power-packed. Your pictures and ‘about me’ section lends value itself and so your lack of investment in an opener would not make sense. Because cool people who are naturally cool need not try hard.

If your profile is shabby or even average, then forget using this kind of opener.


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