Tinder swiping strategies

Tinder swiping looks easy: left or right. This may seem rather straight forward, but with some many girls, you will want to optimize the time invested.

Do not click on the “X” or “♥”; this is much slower than swiping. Here are the methods and their pros and cons.

Tinder swiping startegies

Don’t over-think, you’re wasting precious time!


Tinder swiping #1: Swipe all girls right and only talk to hot ones


  • Fastest possible method
  • Maximum number of matches, this can help boost your ego
  • Absolutely no thinking or emotional involvement


  • Many notifications presenting false hopes and overall distraction
  • You will sometimes match two friends almost simultaneously
  • Chat screen filled with girls you are not interested in
  • When chatting many hot girls, it is hard to stay organized, especially so many bad apples

If you are using this technique, I recommend blocking the bad matches in order to stay organized. Do the math: does the distraction and the organizing take more time than you save from this method?

This method of Tinder swiping is best for men who are less picky. Men who are more selective will find they waste time overall.


Tinder swiping #2: Swipe right or left depending only on Profile Picture


  • Relatively Fast
  • No scary matches
  • Minimal thought or emotional engagement


  • Missing out on hot girls with bad Profile Pictures (extremely few)
  • Matching with bad girls who managed to fool you with good profile photos

Girls will almost never have a profile photo where they look worse than in real life. I can say this with 98% assertion. So swipe left freely and don’t worry about what “could have been”.

When in doubt, swipe right.  This saves time and you can find out about her later if ever she matches you. If there are several people in the photo, swipe right if one of them is attractive, usually this will be the correct one.

The problem comes when they have a photo of something abstract like a meme or smiling potato. In this case, it might be a cute girl trying to be original. I personally don’t put much stock in such behavior, but you may not consider it to be a deal breaker. Right or left, just don’t waste time.

Once you have matched, look at the secondary photos and the description. I estimate that a third to half of the girls will have fooled you with their profile picture. This means that their secondary pictures are inconsistent or that their description says “recently became a woman”. Don’t worry about it. Simply block these matches.

If you are pickier, this method will save you time. You will have far less blocking to do than with the previous technique. By now, this is my preferred method.


Tinder swiping #3: Investigating Secondary Pictures when you are uncertain

When swiping, this is a total waste of time.

Assuming you are working at being a high value successful man, you cannot afford to analyze profiles of girls that might not even like you back.

Please abstain from this practice because it’s the least efficient Tinder swiping strategy. This may seem shallow, but Tinder is a shallow and time-consuming game.

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