Tinder vs. Hinge -Which Is Best in year 2021? [Explained]

When it comes to the world of dating apps, both Tinder and Hinge are positioned shoulder-to-shoulder. But which of the two should you spend most of your time on? And more importantly, which app will help you get a greater number of dates? Read on to find out more.

There are several factors by which to compare the two prominent dating apps. Some of them are:

Best Dating App


Price/cost is a very big factor while choosing your preferred dating app. It is important to consider whether the app you choose is worth spending your hard-earned money on. To answer the issue of pricing properly, you should compare the premium features of each of the apps.

Let us begin with Tinder’s premium app (called Tinder Plus).

Tinder Plus offers the following:

  • Feature of setting your location anywhere you like
  • Unbridled swiping (else within 12 hours you get 100 likes)
  • 4 extra Super Likes in a day
  • 1 free Tinder boost every month (in which your profile tops every user’s swipe stack living in your area for 30 minutes)
  • Restricted visibility ( where you get seen first only by people you have liked)
  • Restricted visibility of your distance and age
  • Uninhibited rewinds
  • Ad-free

If you choose the highest-paid Tinder membership aka Gold, you avail yourself the following:

  • Daily matches curated especially for you (4-10 profiles that Tinder’s bots cherry-pick for you)
  • The ability to view the profile that has liked yours

Now comparing Tinder Plus with Hinge’s Premium version, you’ll get:

  • Unlimited daily likes (the free version merely allows you to get 10 likes per day)
  • See detailed profiles of everyone who liked you in the first instance (the free version only allowed you to scroll past profiles)
  • Filter people out
  • Access to Hinge’s dating experts for advice

Thus, comparing Hinge and Tinder‘s premium features, the verdict seems clear. Tinder may seem to offer far more value for your money. But that is not entirely true. Hinge substitutes for Tinder’s two paid features FREE of cost. Hinge’s unpaid version allows you to see who likes your profile and swipe on them from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, premium Hinge allows another important feature that Tinder does not: the ability to filter.

So as far as features are concerned, it does not even rank close. Hinge leaves behind Tinder by miles. However, what about the price comparison between the two? Tinder can cost you roughly $999 per month if your age is below 30 and $1999 if you are above 30. You can avail of a cheaper yet long-term subscription plan.

On the other hand, Hinge’s highest cost is Tinder’s lowest cost. A Hinge membership typically falls under the range of $499-$999.

Ease of setting an account

Another factor in considering your ideal dating app is the ease of setting an account. The question worth considering here is-“How difficult is the account set up?” Like most dating apps operating on swipe dependent matching, registering for Hinge and Tinder is relatively easy.

If some of your “perfect profile pictures” are handy, your set-up will be over in minutes.

Both apps have a similar step-by-step account creation process.

  • Download the app on your phone
  • Login via either your phone number or Facebook account
  • Verify the information given in the previous step
  • Enter info such as your name, birthday, and gender
  • Upload your profile picture
  • Enter extra personal info if you want to

In terms of account creation, the biggest difference between Hinge and Tinder is that:

  • Hinge asks you to answer certain prompts
  • Demand that you upload a minimum of 6 pictures

Prompts are certain info-extracting features on Hinge that allow you to share a bit more about yourself. Hinge asks you to answer at least 3 prompts before proceeding further. This helps you create a profile with the 6 photos that you entered before the prompts. So even if you do not have bomb photos to boast of, that is not a problem.

Hinge works fine whether you upload a picture of your favorite location, a screenshot of your Instagram feed, or your favorite meme. Additionally, Hinge asks for prompts worded as:

  • “Dating me would be like”
  • “In my 90s time capsule, you’d find”
  • “History will remember me as”

With that being said, you are recommended to keep a minimum of 4 photos handy where you look perfect. Because your attractiveness depends on your worst photo. Anyway, since setting up an account on both Tinder and Hinge is quick and easy, both of these apps are comparable.


This is where the biggest comparison between Hinge and Tinder sets in. The apps’ average user type. Tinder, for instance, has hordes of users. In September 2019, Tinder had nearly 8 million registered users in the USA itself. Also, it is available in almost 190 countries, so Tinder is full of users from all across the world. And this makes Tinder tough to put everyone within one category. With different backgrounds, age groups, interests, and education levels, it is impossible for sweeping generalizations like, “People on Tinder only want…” or  “Tinder is best for hookups.” 

The harsh truth is, you can use Tinder for whatever you want: finding a significant other, making friends, or casually hooking-up. With that being said, one thing is certain: most Tinder users have now become emotionally numb. Whether it’s funny jokes, new matches, or witty openers, people on Tinder do not want to invest anymore.

It has become pretty normal on Tinder to get matched with a profile that simply does not respond to whatever you say. For a lot of people, Tinder does not have that magic anymore.

Hinge, on the other hand, lends a very different vibe. It is newer and relatively unfamiliar. So a lot of users are active on the platform out of sheer curiosity. This means people on Hinge are likelier to text back. Also, Hinge is “designed for deletion.” while it helps its users in finding their ideal match. Hinge’s dedication to helping you find your soulmate is a big reason for its users to be interested long-term.

The takeaway?

  • For many online daters, Tinder is merely an afterthought. Although every Tinder user inwardly wishes that they find love online, tacky and iffy conversations bring down their motivation for giving the app their entire attention. Today’s bedroom calisthenics and dates are 169% attributable to Tinder but do not expect your matches to be emotionally invested.
  • Being newly launched and centered around finding the perfect match, Hinge feels refreshing and thereby attracts motivated online users. Although Hinge users are always available for casual hook-ups, expect most of them to look for relationships.

The Final Takeaway?

It entirely depends on you. Do you prefer a soulmate via an online platform? Try Hinge. Or do you wish to date people online who live far away from your place? Then pick Tinder.

Are you open and flexible for anything so long as your dating life kicks in? Try both.


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