How to use Tinder for more than just a hook-up

If you have a Smartphone, are single and looking for a date – Tinder is, undoubtedly, the app to get. Using Facebook information, your location and gender preferences, it links up potential dates based on a mutual ‘yes’ to liking each other’s photos and limited profile information.


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 How to use Tinder for more than just a hook-up?

Tinder dating is accessible, quick and easy. It is also often mistaken as the app designed for hook ups. While pretty much anyone can find a guy or girl for a night – usually after some flirting on a night out, with loud music, dim lighting and alcohol – what the app can offer is something a little more serious.

Dating on Tinder takes away that initial awkwardness of going on a date ‘cold’ and allows you and them to pick each other out based on looks, before developing something deeper on a personality level.

With this in mind, here are some of the most common mistakes people continue to make while using Tinder for dating and some advice to help you on your journey!


You are not picky enough

The mistake that a lot of people make on Tinder is clicking yes to the people they are only vaguely interested in. If you do this, and they swipe yes back, you have a match that you’re not entirely happy about.

Choose more carefully if you want to see better quality results. Take a look at the pictures properly and any profile information included. Take your time – it’s not a race or a points game! Don’t waste your time anymore, and let your new motto be ‘quality not quantity.’


Your Tinder profile picture makes you seem immature

If you are looking for relationship material, you need to present yourself maturely. That means no more selfies with your shirt off, an untidy bedroom, photos of you fooling around or with alcohol or drugs.

By all means be humorous in your Tinder profile section, but don’t fool around with silly innuendos or childish remarks or jokes. Use it as a place to showcase what you are interested in and what you can offer someone.


Be up-front

Take the time determine what the intentions of your date are – are they looking for a hook-up or something more serious? If your date is checking his/her phone constantly while out on a date with you and seems distracted, chances are they are still ‘Tindering.’

Make things clear about your intention but without scaring them away! At the end of the day, you don’t have time for time wasters so Tinder communication is key.


Common sense

Use some common sense when Tinder browsing. If you want something more serious, it’s probably best not to look at 1am on a Sunday morning. This marks out the people who are tend to be drunk, lonely or looking for a hook-up. If you’re looking for something more than a one-night stand, check your Tinder during commuting times or work lunch breaks, when professional people tend to browse the app.

Also take a close look at the person’s profile – they usually portray themselves based on what they desire from Tinder – so take a look at the dress sense, the type of scenarios (nights out or doing a hobby they enjoy etc) as well as what they write about themselves in their profile to get a better idea.

Tinder date

Tinder date

The idea of Tinder is for that browsing stage and first steps for contact. It initiates the match through photos and attraction and is a great way to connect with people in your area. What you do next will show your date whether you want a relationship, or not.

Follow the simple steps above to find more than just a fling. Once you’ve matched on Tinder and are interested, make plans to meet up, or at least start texting and calling. Above all else, have fun and enjoy yourself. Tinder can help you make those first steps to do that!


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