High Value Indicators on Tinder

You must integrate one or several Value Indicators on Tinder pictures.  This will ensure you look interesting and different from other guys and worth swiping right!

Value indicators on Tinder

A picture of you is not enough.  Show character and value!

Top Value Indicators :

1) Taste for Luxury

Someone once told me “A well fitted suite does to a woman what lingerie does to a man. If you have designer suite or tuxedo that is either custom tailored or a perfect fit, then you would be wise to have a woman see it. This has been my preferred approach for a while. If you combine it with a slick skinny tie then you are also ticking the style value indicators on Tinder.

Other examples include:

  • being in a very nice restaurant with some wine or a fancy meal
  • being in a luxury hotel room or balcony
  • if you have a very nice apartment, you can pose for a picture there
  • a fun activity known to cost a lot, like flying in a helicopter

2) Physical Activity

Absolutely no photos at the gym. Although I fully advocate a good workout regimen, do not make this the central premise of “who you are”. The woman will automatically disqualify you as someone with no life. Instead, it needs to be something that looks fun like on your Tinder profile picture:

  • You at the top of a mountain in hiking clothes or light ski/snowboard gear
  • You in a marathon outfit near the finish line
  • You dancing in a cool venue
  • You on the field/court of your favorite sport holding the equipment

3) Artistic Side

Posing in front of a painting at the museum is simply not going to cut it. You need to display something more profound. For example as value indicators on Tinder:

  • Hold a camera and be in front of a set or a breathtaking setting
  • Get featured on stage holding a microphone.
  • Hold artistic painting material, but NOT your actual painting. You don’t want the girl to swipe left or right depending on whether or not she likes your art. Let her be curious.
  • Take a dancing lesson, like salsa, and get someone to take a photo of you looking like a pro, even if it is just your first time.
  • If you play an instrument, save it for the secondary picture or she might think this is a major part of your life, as opposed to a hobby.

4) Travel Experience

I strongly believe that travel is the best investment of time and money to grow as a person.  A few trips to remote locations will make you so much more interesting to any woman. You will automatically have higher value and you will have an easier time filling dates with interesting conversation. Even if you have only traveled to the nearest national park, the picture will hold more value than some place local. It’s one of the greatest value indicators on Tinder.

Capture yourself with something unique about the place you are visiting, be it a waterfall or the Eiffel Tower. When appearing in the photo, it is better if you do not look like a complete tourist. Backpacker gear will not impress as much as some of the local fashion that you bought that day. Girls love seeing that you are versatile and that you adapt to every new culture you encounter.

5) Acute Sense of Style

In your photos, you need to be wearing your most stylish clothes. Careful, being stylish does not mean looking like you put 2 hours of work into your appearance. Being extremely casual is part of style as long as the clothes look nice and are well adjusted to your body.

If you have a very strong personal style, be careful not to fall into a specific type like Goth, rocker, hipster, gangster or overly preppy. This will trigger left swipes and won’t be the best value indicators on Tinder. If you see yourself as a trendsetter, you might want to tone it down for Tinder, since not all girls will appreciate this.

If you feel you are lacking in the fashion area, buy men’s lifestyle magazines like GQ to get value indicators on Tinder. Also, visit the website of the world’s fashion leaders like Armani, Hugo Boss, Dolce & Gabbana and Diesel to name a few. Analyze the colors and looks that are defining this season. Then, I recommend going to a designer store and having the cute employee help dress you properly. If you have stylish female friends, bring them along too. Click here for a free tinder makeover by one of our experts

Designer clothes will simply look better than regular clothes to the trained eye. Girls are much more perceptive of these things than men, so don’t think you can fool them. As mentioned earlier, stay away from large logos seen on belt buckles or t-shirts, they will make you look douchy. The occasional medium range items from Zara or H&M are all right, so long as they follow the styles set by the leading brands.

Now that you know how to display the elements women are looking for, you need to have a cool Tinder bio that fits with a high-value mindset.

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For Secondary Pictures, there are many more categories of value indicators like the Body Pic, high social status and other sensational shots that will have her say “WoW”!  Sorry chaps, this is reserved for Experts, so buy the eBook and join the club!


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