When To Use Tinder Boost? All about Tinder Boost

It is said that Tinder has around 50 million active users, with nearly 12 million matches happening daily out of nearly a billion swiping-rights. When it comes to its user base’s volume, Tinder is the all-time reigning champion and the ultimate winner; it is the most popular dating app available today. It seems as if every person aged 18 or above has created a Tinder profile to find their significant other. The upside of all this is that you get many matches to consider. The downside is that you can easily get lost. How do you manage to get yourself noticed on a platform where already so many people are vying for attention just as much as you? How do you make your profile up for grabs?

To get popular on Tinder, you need to know it inside out.

How to use Tinder Boost

How does Tinder work?

To do well on Tinder, you must have amazing pictures and an even more amazing profile to boast of. Even if you have gotten a hold of these things, you can still fail to cut. Luckily, you must grab tools to use to your advantage, even if temporarily. One of such tools is the notorious Tinder Boost.

But what is Tinder Boost and how should it be used?

To understand Tinder Boost you would first need to understand how Tinder displays profiles to users. Here, your profile is analogous to a card in a deck. And all profiles combined in a city are like a stack. When someone from a particular location starts swiping across on Tinder, they are given “cards” from their location randomly. Similarly, your profile will be visible to almost everyone in your community depending on distance and age. But this may take some time, based on how other people interact with other profiles on any given day. If you live in a big city, it may take months or years but merely weeks (or days) in a small community.

What Exactly Is Tinder Boost?

Tinder Boost is Tinder’s feature that gives your profile the power to be visible above everybody’s profile in your community for thirty-minutes at most. Everybody who uses Tinder in your local community when your Tinder Boost is on will see you on their feed first – assuming that your match for gender, age, distance, etc fits. Because Tinder Boost works for a short duration only, you cannot get a lot of them for use. Therefore, timing your Tinder Boosts for optimum effectiveness is important. Subscribers of Tinder Plus get a free Boost every month, but regular users need to purchase Boosts, and they are not cheap – they cost $6.99 for one time use or $4.99 for a 10-in-1 bundle.

As already mentioned, the Tinder Boost feature displays your profile right at the top of all profiles in your area. The feature does this for half an hour while running a countdown timer. While Tinder Boost is running, every time someone opens their Tinder account and searches for people of your age, location, and gender you be visible on the top (or near the top based on how many other Tinder users are using their Boost at that time)

Furthermore, your Boost helps you with your swiping. If you also swipe right on someone while the Boost is on, your profile immediately appears first on their list even if they were present on the app much before your Boost.  Thus, your chances of a match skyrocket.

While Using Tinder Boost, Timing Is Everything

Here comes the most important factor of all: timing. You need to consider Tinder as a marketing exercise centered on you as the product. Just as how TV advertising works, deciding the time slot and duration for which to make an appearance in front of your audience makes all the difference. You can go so far as to say that it is the sole indicator of your success. The same metric can be applied to your Tinder Boost. Since are allotted only thirty minutes for achieving the maximum impact and optimizing your performance, you would need to do it right.

Many people have done detailed investigation and research to gauge the best duration for using Tinder Boost. The consensus here is that the time between 7 pm to 9 pm, with 9 pm acting as the peak hour before usage declines, is the best. Certain other studies have also proclaimed that 9 pm on Thursday nights are the best; while certain others stated a lack of conclusive evidence. A lot will depend on where you live in the world and the type of people you wish to engage with.

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