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Tinder advisor is the result of … successful matching with this app:

1000 Matches

It took me 10 months to get 1000 Matches the first time

Now, It’s been 4 months I started over by deleting my account and I’m at 869 Matches. I had time to sharpen my technique and I’m here to help you do the same.

And yes, I’m French 🙂 Country I guess where girls are the least easy on earth because they are really cute and dress fashion, and they have choice so they are extremely demanding!

But I did it and everybody can do it! It’s just a matter of simple steps to follow –> Every step is explained in the book I wrote with feedback from many users and also girls for more than one year now! Get it now!



Even before the emergence of Tinder, I was successful with women for the better part of a decade. It all started at a young age, when I decided to read about seduction psychology and finally began to understand what women truly look for in a man. I cannot call myself a “Pick-up Artist” since I have never practiced seduction professionally, but I have read dozen of books from the masters in the field. I credit them for most of the talent I have developed and for the many adventures I have enjoyed with beautiful intelligent women.


For a living, I am serial entrepreneur working alternatingly between Europe and Canada. After selling my last venture, I embarked on a world tour that lasted a full year. At the same time, I separated from my girlfriend and proceeded to polishing my seduction skills and getting back into meeting women. A new app called Tinder was quickly recommended to me.


Astonishingly, I had a lot of trouble meeting the women I wanted on Tinder. My approach was simply not adapted for this form of interaction. I grew determined to upgrade my seductive skills and convince my ideal matches to go on a date with me. By the end of my travel year, I finally had it down to a science.  In fact, I was meeting more quality women than at any other point in my life.


My success with the app amazed my friends and they began to ask me for lines and advice. This made me see first hand how small changes could dramatically improve their experience on Tinder, no matter how good looking or charming they happen to be. These friends slowly convinced me that there was real value in laying out my entire process in writing.


I see Tinder – and dating in general – as a sales process. Most guys fail to get the women they deserve because they do not know how to convey the best of themselves. This book will make you an expert in self-promotion. Your challenge will then be to live up to the expectations of all the new women eager to meet you!


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